But... we love stunning brides and crazy families

so portraits and family groups are a must do

How does this work?

We know from experience that when it comes to wedding photos and wedding videos, couples tend to get stressed.

Some might be shy by nature, feeling awkward when having their picture taken.

Others might think they won’t look perfect in the photos and footage. 

To all that, we say: Worry Not! After all, worrying has no place in your time of joy.

We want you to feel safe, carefree, cool and relaxed. Wondering how you’ll get there?


Fill out the contact form

We will be happy to receive any relevant information from you and your event! Replies within two working days are sent with a comprehensive brochure attached depicting the vision and budget requirements for different-sized weddings and events.

You'll of course have the possibility to request custom elements.


Connect via zoom call

Before we meet for the session, we’ll have a quick call to break the ice and decide on the details. We want you to feel comfortable with us and this will help us both!

Chemistry is the most important .



Once you choose your package, a contract is signed, and 30% prepayment is requested to secure the date.

From that point, requested services are guaranteed to be fulfilled on your date.

You'll have the possibility to discuss with us anytime about your style plans, vendors, personal ideas, family and friend structure, or anything else that needs to be discussed. We are girls team all the way so we love the procedure.



On the day of the shoot, we’ll meet up and get to the location of the session. We’ll talk for a bit while we set up our cameras and make sure everything’s perfect. Then we can jump straight into it and get some amazing photos and videos.



After we're done, We will get to work editing the photos and videos. The finished photos will be ready and delivered in 4 to 8 business weeks. A sneak peak will be sent one week after the event. The videos are delivered in 12-16 weeks and the sneak peak is delivered one week after the event amongst with the photos.



Being destination wedding photographer and videographer is often fulfill tasks in different countries, travelling is an essential part of our jobs.

Having simplified, and not being able to predict the exact amount in a highly volatile sector, they ask a base amount of fee that covers their main travel expenses.